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What is EVA material? Is EVA plastic safe?Is EVA rubber or plastic?

The professional vocabulary people encounter when buying shoes such as garden shoes and slippers is daunting, because there are too many footwear terms that confuse people. What exactly is EVA? What is the relationship between this material and garden shoes and slippers? What kind of shoes should people choose? Today, I will explain the application and basic knowledge of EVA in footwear manufacturing with you. What is EVA? EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) plastic raw material, abbreviation: EVA, refers to ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. EVA can be used to produce materials with flexibility and softness similar to rubber. EVA is very useful in manufacturing, well beyond footwear. It is widely used in foaming shoe material, functional shed film, packaging film, hot melt adhesive, wire and cable and toys, and other fields. Shoe material is the main application field of EVA resin in China. In the EVA resin used in footwear, the content of vinyl acetate is generally 15% ~ 22%. Due to its soft, elastic, and chemical corrosion resistance, EVA resin blends and foams are widely used in the soles and interior materials of middle and high-grade traveling shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, and sandals. Application of EVA in the footwear industry EVA is the most common cushioning material in the midsole of athletic shoes. EVA is mainly used on the midsole (or the layer between the outsole and the upper). The midsole is the part responsible for cushioning, helping to comfort the foot, and protecting the foot. Today, the use of EVA


When is the peak season in the shoe industry?

In the shoe industry, the general off-season time is from June to September for each year, and the peak season period is from October to May of the following year. Many customers in the European market usually place orders in the peak season to ensure shipment before the New Year in China. However, in fact, some customers would like to place orders from June to September each year, because this season is the off-season, our factory can give customers a more favorable price, which can reduce the cost of customers, So, Many customers also choose to place orders in the off season. If it were you, what season would you choose to purchase slippers? Looking forward to your comments! If you need to know more about footwear products, please click here


Why so many female and male love flip flops

Flip flops also called thong slippers, which are a necessary cool and refreshing equipment for many people in summer. Some people with relatively free working environment even drag a pair of flip-flops out of the house every day. The ease and comfort really make people enjoy it. Why do girls like to wear flip-flops and sandals? Because, first, flip-flops are light and convenient to wear, and they are also very refreshing, because flip-flops need to be worn barefoot, so they can promote the heat dissipation of feet! Second, girls look sexier in flip-flops or slide sandals, coupled with a beautiful pair of shorts or miniskirts, which will make the whole summer beautiful! The fashionable design concept of flip-flops integrates the trend and South American customs, with simple style and elegant atmosphere. Ergonomic design is adopted to better fit the foot shape, effectively relieve the foot pressure, and professional anti-skid sole. Gem-embellished woven shoelaces give you the enjoyment of luxury. Only when you wear flip-flops, you can feel that you are not bound and that you do not cover your feet. Wearing flip-flops looks lazy and casual, but in fact, a pair of good-looking flip-flops can hide a lot of small thoughts. The simpler things are, the brighter spots they will have once they stand out. If you want to learn more about flip flops, please click here! The flip flop expert Jojo is waiting for you here. Welcome to discuss more!



Everyone should have two or three pairs of beach slippers in their shoe closet when the summer is coming. But how to choose the beach slippers. Please follow my below step: Well, the simplest way to learn more about beach slippers, please just come accurse our website: to choose what you like, we are always staying here to serve you. We are a Chinese manufacturer to produce EVA slippers, beach slippers, sandals, etc. View more products, clik here…


2019年秋季广交会 -- 第126届

2019年秋季广交会邀请函/我们展位编号: 11.1 N12/EVA 童鞋、拖鞋、 Aqua 鞋等。我们诚挚地邀请您和您的公司代表参观我们在新琶洲展览中心的展位,详情请参阅以下资料: 展览中心: 新琶洲展览中心展位号: 11.1 N12展厅日期: 2019年10月31日至11月4日我们热烈欢迎您来我们展位洽谈业务。期待你的到来!如有任何需要,请随时告知。



环球资源时尚配饰鞋履展我们正在香港参加环球资源时尚配饰鞋履展,详情如下。展览名称: 环球资源时装配饰及鞋履展览日期: 2016年4月27日至4月30日展览中心: 香港亚洲国际博览馆展位编号: 8D06展厅




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