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Everyone should have two or three pairs of beach slippers in their shoe closet when the summer is coming. But how to choose the beach slippers. Please follow my below step:

  1. Choose according to the materials, for beach slippers, some one call slide sandals, the main materials have included PVC, EVA, or RUBBER, if you like lightweight slippers, please choose EVA materials. It’s light, flexible, which could let your feet comfortable; if you like heavy slippers, you could choose PVC slippers. For rubber slipper, which looks more textured, but more expensive.
  2. Choose an anti-slip outsole
  3. Choose according to the design, the slipper upper should be air permeability or with holes, also you could choose the popular design.
  4. Choose according to the size, the size should be suitable, neither too big nor too little.

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